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Vernier Theodolite Model sec 20 Suppliers | Vernier Theodolite Model sec 20 Exporters India

Vernier Theodolite Model sec 20

Vernier Theodolite Model sec 20 Manufacturers

Our Vernier Theodolite is a measuring device used to determine angles in both the horizontal and vertical lines. Jafri Survey Instruments is the best Vernier Theodolite Model sec 20 Manufacturer in Uttarakhand offering this device which includes a lens that can be moved laterally and vertically to determine angles. 

Vernier Theodolite is used for

  • Measuring angular values in a traverse or network
  • Determination of a line of sight along a level plane
  • The Vernier scale on the device is used to obtain precise measurements of the angles recorded

Our Vernier Theodolites Type sec 20 are frequently used in land mapping and building tasks that require accurate angel readings. They are also used in the creation of roadways, bridges, and structures. The device can precisely determine horizontal and vertical angles to a fraction of a degree.

Vernier Theodolite Model sec 20 Suppliers in India

Our Vernier Theodolites Type sec 20 has evolved over time to provide more precise and dependable findings. We create Modern Vernier Theodolites with high-quality components and sophisticated features such as digital screens and remote control operation.

Jafri Survey Instruments provide Vernier Theodolite as the chief Vernier Theodolite Model sec 20 Exporter in India based on aspects such as precision, longevity, and simplicity of use. Altogether, our Vernier Theodolite Type sec 20 is an important instrument for any geologist or expert who needs precise angle readings. It is an investment in accuracy and quality that can make a major difference in the success of an undertaking.

Telescope Model - 20 Model - 10
Image Erect Erect
Length 178 mm 178 mm
Magnificaton 25X 25X
Effective Aperture 38mm 38mm
Field of View 2.6 M at 100M 2.6 M at 100M
Short Focus 1.5M 1.5M
Stadia Ratio 1:100 1:100
Stadia Constant 0 0
Resolving Power 4" 4"
Circle Diameter Hz113mm, V100 mm Hz113mm, V100 mm
Graduation 20' 10'
Vernier Reading 20" 10"
  45" / 2mm 45" / 2mm
  1' / 2mm 1' / 2mm

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