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Geomax Automatic Level

Geomax Automatic Level Manufacturers

The Geomax automatic level is a reliable and precise instrument used for leveling applications in surveying, engineering, and construction. We are the leading Geomax Automatic Level Manufacturer in Uttarakhand providing auto level that is designed to be easy to use, yet accurate and dependable. 

The Geomax Automatic Level is a high-performance instrument designed for precise leveling and height measurements. With a sturdy build and reliable accuracy, this automatic level is an excellent choice for construction professionals and surveyors. Our auto level features a powerful telescope with a 28x and 32x magnification and a wide objective lens, which provides clear and sharp images of the target area. 

We introduce the Geomax Automated Level to the Construction business with our ZAL100 Series.

This Geomax Automatic Level is intended for everyday leveling jobs and has an excellent price-to-performance ratio.

The Geomax Automatic Level ZAL100 Series, which we supply, meets the IP54 class criteria, ensuring all-weather operation.

Features of our Geomax automatic level are

  • 2.0mm Standard deviation for 1 km double-run leveling
  • 24x Magnification
  • Erect Image
  • Double sided endless drives
  • 36mm clear objective lens
  • Cross hairs with stadia lines
  • Automatic air-damped system
  • ±15’ working range of compensator
  • 360o graduation on horizontal circle
  • -20oC to +40oC operating temperature range
  • Concave and flat base for 5/8” base screw

Geomax Auto Level Suppliers in India

One of the standout features of our Geomax automatic level is the solid and robust design, making it a reliable instrument that can withstand tough field conditions. Whether it’s for land surveying, construction, or engineering projects, our Geomax automatic level is an excellent choice for professionals who need reliable and precise leveling solutions. 

We export an automatic compensator that ensures quick and precise leveling, even on uneven terrain, Jafri Survey Instruments is the chief Geomax Auto Level Exporter in India. The design of our auto level surveying series is more compact and lightweight, making it ideal for working in tight spaces or when portability is a key factor.

The built-in compensator ensures accurate readings even on uneven terrain, and the easy-to-use controls make our auto level an ideal tool for fieldwork. Our Geomax Automatic Level is a trusted tool by professionals looking for a reliable and efficient instrument.

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