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An antique Divers Helmet is a remarkable piece of history that takes us back to the early days of underwater diving, designed to keep divers safe and allow them to explore the depths of the ocean. Antique Divers Helmets are highly sought after by collectors and historians alike as this accessory offers a glimpse into the past and represents a time of great exploration and discovery. 

We supply instruments made of brass, copper, or steel and can feature intricate details and beautiful designs, Jafri Survey Instruments is the chief Divers Helmet Manufacturer in Uttarakhand. Divers helmet can make an impressive display piece in any home, office or museum.

The antique Divers Helmet from Jafri Survey Instruments is not only a beautiful artifact of history but also an important tool that aided in the development of modern underwater exploration. 


  • Customized design
  • Tough structure
  • Low maintenance
  • High performance

Divers Helmet Suppliers in India

As a reliable company, we specialize in supplying and exporting antique divers helmets to customers around the world. We can also customize divers helmets to meet the specific needs of the customers, offering a personalized touch that makes each piece truly unique. We are the dominant Divers Helmet Exporter in India offering a wide range of divers helmets in different styles and sizes to meet the diverse needs of the customers.

Today, it stands as a symbol of adventure, discovery and technological innovation. Jafri Survey Instruments works with skilled craftsmen to ensure that the suits of armor are of the highest quality. With a focus on excellence and customer satisfaction, Jafri Survey Instruments is a reliable source for authentic antique divers helmets.

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