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Topcon Digital Theodolite DT 200 Series

Topcon Digital Theodolite DT 200 Series Manufacturers

The DT-200 Digital Theodolite series sets the new standard in today’s theodolite market. The Series consists of 3 basic models DT-205, DT-207 and DT-209 with 5"(1.5mgon), 7"(2.1mgon) and 9"(3mgon) angle accuracies respectively. The DT-200 series are built to the highest waterproof standards and designed to be durable and easy to use even under the most difficult construction site conditions.

Laser Theodolites

Each of the new models is available as a Laser theodolite version. The DT-205L, DT-207L and DT-209L have the same specifications as the basic models with the addition of a visible red laser beam coaxial with the optics of the telescope. This Class 2 laser is focused through the telescope ensuring a clearly defined and visible spot at a distance of up to 50 meters.


  • Absolute angle encoder system; removes the need to move horizontal and vertical angle scales when turning on
  • All models fully environment proof (IP66!)
  • Long operating time - minimal 140 hours
  • 1" (0.2mgon) minimum reading on the 5" accuracy model.
  • Water and dust protected
  • Compact and light weight
  • Long life battery power
  • Easy set up
  • High accuracy measurements

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