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Circular Protractor

Circular Protractor Manufacturers

Our circular protractor is a tool used for measuring angles in technical drawings and other drafting applications. It is a circular-shaped ruler with a center point and a set of degree markings that allow for accurate angle measurements. Jafri Survey Instruments design and manufacture this product as the best Circular Protractor Manufacturer in Uttarakhand.

Sizes Available

  • Size 4" diameter semicircular (Half)
  • Size 4" diameter circular (Round)
  • Size 5" diameter semicircular (Half)
  • Size 5" diameter circular (Round)
  • Size 6" diameter semicircular (Half)
  • Size 6" diameter circular (Round)
  • Size 8" diameter semicircular (Half)
  • Size 8" diameter circular (Round)
  • Size 10" diameter semicircular (Half)
  • Size 10" diameter circular (Round)
  • Size 12" diameter semicircular (Half)
  • Size 12" diameter circular (Round)

Circular Protractor Suppliers in India

Circular protractors are essential tools in many fields, including engineering, architecture, and graphic design. They are used in a variety of tasks, including drafting floor plans, designing structures, and creating technical illustrations. In technical drawing, circular protractors are used to measure and draw angles accurately, we deliver this tool as the chief Circular Protractor Exporter in India.

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