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This SETL Digital Theodolite-Electronic Theodolite uses simple structure, and is appreciated for reliable performance. This model of SETL Digital Theodolite is acclaimed for its Independent Laser Light Path, High Stability, Focused Light Point, No Mixed Light and Higher Accuracy. The Laser Plummet is a free feature, provided by this SETL Digital Theodolite. The shipping cost of this SETL Digital Theodolite model is negotiable on extra quantity.

Model SDJ-02 SDJ-05
Image erect  
Effective aperture 45mm  
magnification 30X  
field of view 1o30'  
Min.focuing distance 1.3m  
measuring method raster  
Min. reading 1"/5"  
accuracy 2" 5"
type Two-faced LCD , alphanumeric keyboard  
  Auto Vertical Compensator  
System Auto vertical compensation /
range ±3' /
  Optical Plummet ( Optional - Laser Plummet)  
image erect  
magnification 3X  
field of view 5o  
Focusing range 0.5~  
accuracy ±1mm  
  Power supply  
Battery set rechargeable battery  
Battery Capacity 1500mAh  
  Level Sensitivity  
plate vial 30/2mm  
Round vial 8'/2mm  
  Laser System ( Optional)  
Laser wave lenth 635mm  
Laser power 10nw  
Working Range -20oC~+50oC  
Weight 5kg 5kg

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