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Adjustable Set Square

Adjustable Set Square Manufacturers

An adjustable set square is a versatile and essential drawing instrument for architects, engineers, and designers used to create accurate angles and lines in technical drawings. Jafri Survey Instruments design and manufacture this product as the best Adjustable Set Square Manufacturer in Uttarakhand. Apart from the angle adjusting capacity to create various shapes and designs, our set square are-

  • Made from 3.2 mm virgin transparent acrylic sheet
  • Inking slit with or without markings is provided
  • Integrated protractor
  • Precision 0.5 degree scale
  • Simply tighten screw to lock into position
  • Beveled edges
  • Deal for both pencil and ink
  • Printed number markings
  • Any color and customer's logo

Set Square Suppliers in India

To use an adjustable set square, simply set it to the desired angle using the locking mechanism, then draw the line or angle with a pencil or technical pen. It is important to ensure that the set square is securely locked in place to avoid any errors in the drawing.

Sizes Available

  • 6" / 150mm
  • 8" / 200mm
  • 10" / 250mm
  • 12" / 300mm
  • 14" / 350mm

We are the chief Set Square Exporter in India. In conclusion, an adjustable set square is a valuable tool for anyone who requires accuracy and precision in technical drawings.

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