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We offer a wide range of Plane Table, which are suitable for maps preparation and recording topography in various engineering surveys. The Plane Table consists of a plane table board with a fitted tripod. The Plane Table can work completely with standard accessories, namely Trough Compass, Telescopic Alidade, Spirit Level, Canvas Cover, Plumbing Fork, etc.


  • Plane Table Board 750 mm x 600 mm, thickness 22 mm & 16 mm
  • Carrying Bag for Board
  • Rigid Teakwood Polished Stand
  • Brass Head & plate
  • Magnet Trough compass brass
  • Spirit Level brass
  • Sightvan 24"
  • Plumbing Fork
  • Plumb Bob

Technical Specifications

Plane Table Board 600X750X 16 mm 600 X 750 X 22 mm    
Plane Table Stand Wooden Teak Wood Aluminium  
Plane Table Head Ordinary Quality Size    
Magnetic Compass 150 mm Aluminium 150 mm Brass    
Spirit Level 150 mm Aluminium 150 mm Quality Size 150 mm Brass  
Alidade/Sight Vane Brass Quality Size ISI Specification Johnson Type
Plumbing Fork Aluminium Brass    
Plumb Bob Steel Quality Size Brass  
Canvas Cover Half Ful

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