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Plane Table

Plane Table Manufacturers

As the name suggests, our plane table is a surveying instrument used to create accurate maps and plans. It consists of a flat table with a mounted alidade, which is a sighting device used for measuring horizontal and vertical angles. Jafri Survey Instruments designs and manufacture this product as the best Plane Table Manufacturer in Uttarakhand.

Component with our plane table

  • Plane Table Board 750 mm x 600 mm, thickness 22 mm & 16 mm
  • Carrying Bag for Board
  • Rigid Teakwood Polished Stand
  • Brass Head & plate
  • Magnet Trough compass brass
  • Spirit Level brass
  • Sightvan 24"
  • Plumbing Fork
  • Plumb Bob

Plane Table Set Suppliers in India

Our Plane Table can work completely with standard accessories, namely Trough Compass, Telescopic Alidade, Spirit Level, Canvas Cover, Plumbing Fork, etc. To use a plane table, the operator places the table on a level surface and positions it so that it is aligned with the north-south axis. 

As the chief Plane Table Set Exporter in India, our Plane tables are commonly used in surveying, engineering, and geology. They are particularly useful in areas where GPS signals are weak or unavailable, as this instrument allows accurate mapping without the need for electronic equipment. They are also useful for creating detailed maps of small areas, such as construction sites or geological formations.

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