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Our cross staff is an instrument used for measuring angles in navigation and surveying, widely used before the invention of the more advanced theodolite. Jafri Survey Instruments designs and manufactures this product as the best Cross Staff Manufacturer in Uttarakhand. This instrument consists of a wooden or metal frame with two perpendicular arms, one of which has a sight vane and the other has a graduated scale.

To use our cross staff, the operator holds the instrument at eye level and sights along the scale to the horizon, using the vane to sight on the object of interest. By adjusting the position of the vane and measuring the angle between the two arms, the operator can determine the angle between the horizon and the object.

Cross Staff Suppliers in India

Cross staffs were used extensively by early navigators, such as Christopher Columbus, as well as surveyors and astronomers. 

This instrument was particularly useful for determining the altitude of celestial bodies, such as stars and the sun, and for measuring the angle between landmarks on land. Apart from being a manufacturer and a supplier, we deliver our equipment and tools as the chief Cross Staff Exporter in India.

While the cross staff has largely been replaced by more advanced surveying and navigational instruments, it remains an important tool for historical and educational purposes. Today, replicas of the instrument are used in educational settings to teach the principles of early navigation and surveying techniques.

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