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Leica Auto Level

Leica Auto Level Manufacturers

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Our Leica Jogger automatic level is a reliable and accurate instrument designed for construction and surveying professionals. The design of our auto level offers a range of features that make it easy to use and accurate, including a built-in compensator that ensures accurate measurements in any situation, contact us as we are the best Leica Jogger Automatic Level Manufacturer in Uttarakhand.

One of the key benefits of the design of our Leica Jogger automatic level is its durability. It is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and tough job site environments, ensuring that our auto level will last for years and provide reliable results every time.

Leica Auto Suppliers in India

Our Leica Jogger automatic level also offers a high level of accuracy, with a measurement range of up to 100 meters and a leveling accuracy of 1.5 millimeters. Our auto level is easy to use, with simple and intuitive controls, and is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry from one job site to another.

If you need a reliable and accurate instrument for work, contact us as we are the chief Leica Auto Exporter in India. Overall, Leica Jogger automatic level from Jafri Survey Instruments is a great choice for anyone in the construction or surveying industries. Its durability, accuracy, and ease of use make our auto level a valuable tool that can help professionals achieve success on any job site.

Automatic optical levels are also known as site levels or dumpy levels.

Technical Data RUNNER 20 RUNNER 24
Accuracy per km double-run leveling 2.5 mm 2.0 mm
Magnification 20x 24x
Shortest focusing distance 0.8 m 0.8 m
Working range ±15' ±15'
Setting accuracy 0.5" 0.5"
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C -20°C to +50°C
Weight (net) 2 kg 2 kg
Technical Data Leica NA320 Leica NA324   Leica NA532

Standard deviation per 1 km double-run level

2.5 mm 2.0 mm 2.0 mm 2.0 mm
Magnification 20x 24x 28x 32x
Shortest focusing distance 1 m 1 m 1 m 1 m
Working range ±15' ±15' ±15' ±15'
Setting range 0.5" 0.5" 0.5" 0.5"
Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C -20°C to +40°C -20°C to +40°C -20°C to +40°C
Weight (net) 1.5 kg 1.5 kg 1.5 kg 1.5

Leica Auto Level NA320 (20X)

Leica Auto Level NA320 (20X)
We are counted in the list of appreciable Leica AUTO LEVEL NA320 (20X) suppliers and exporters. This instrument is perfect to meet all your leveling needs. The instrument is based on latest technology and can do highly precise measurement. We have provided the rugged construction along with 20 X zoom to provide the best results. We believe in providing the best quality products to our clients.

Leica Auto Level NA324 (24X)

Leica Auto Level NA324 (24X)
We are offering exceptional range of Leica AUTO LEVEL NA324 (2X) which is capable of entertaining your daily leveling requirements. It is equipped with advanced technology to ensure that you get highly accurate and precise measurement. It is developed in the robust construction so as to avoid any mechanical damage. Moreover, it is also provided in the compact structure to protect it from the dust and water.

Leica Auto Level NA532 (32X)

Leica Auto Level NA532 (32X)
We come in the list of prominent Leica AUTO LEVEL NA532 (32X) suppliers and exporters. We are offering this in brilliant quality in order to meet the challenging requirements of the industry. Our complete range is developed using premium grade components. Moreover, the instruments are powered with state of the art technology to ensure that these offer highly optimized performance on operation.

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