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Leica Disto D410 LDM Suppliers | Leica Disto D410 LDM Exporters India

Leica Disto D410 LDM

Leica Disto D410 LDM Manufacturers

Our Leica Disto D410 is a versatile laser distance meter that can measure distances up to 100 meters with an accuracy of ± 1.0 mm. We design and manufacture this product as the best Leica Disto D410 LDM Manufacturer in Uttarakhand. It is designed to be durable and resistant to dust and water, making it suitable for use in challenging outdoor environments.

One of the key features of D410 from Jafri Survey Instruments is its Smart Horizontal mode, which allows for measurements to be taken even when obstacles are in the way. This is achieved by using the device's tilt sensor to calculate the horizontal distance between two points, even if they are not in direct line of sight.

This leica disto D410 we provide also includes a 360-degree tilt sensor, which allows for precise angle measurements and can be used to calculate heights and roof slopes. 

Leica Disto D410 LDM Suppliers in India

Our D410 is compact and easy to use, with a simple interface and intuitive controls it also comes with a range of additional features, including area and volume calculations, Pythagoras functions, and a stake-out function for setting out points at regular intervals. Apart from being a manufacturer and a supplier, we deliver our equipment and tools as the chief Leica Disto D410 LDM Exporter in India.

Additionally, our device has a built-in digital camera that can be used to take pictures of the measurement location, which can be helpful for reference purposes or for sharing information with others.

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