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South Automatic Level

South Automatic Level Manufacturers

The South Automatic Level is a high-quality instrument designed for accurate and reliable surveying and construction measurements. One of the standout features of The design of our South Automatic Level is its advanced compensator system, Jafri Survey Instruments designs surveying instruments as the best South Automatic Level Manufacturer in Uttarakhand

Features of our NL Auto Level are

  • Excellent shockproof function
  • Structure that is completely enclosed and may be used in any weather
  • Exclusive closed magnetic field, magnetically-damped compensator
  • Reflector-type circular vial observation

This instrument is well-suited for use in a range of outdoor settings, including construction sites, land surveys, and other related applications. The 32x magnification along with the compensator system ensures that the line of sight of our south auto level remains perfectly horizontal, even in challenging terrain or other difficult conditions. This ensures that measurements are accurate and consistent, even in tough field conditions.

South Automatic Level Suppliers in India

The South Automatic Level also features high-quality optics, providing clear and sharp images for accurate readings. Auto level instrument is designed to be easy to use, with intuitive controls and a simple interface that makes it accessible for users of all skill levels. 

The durable construction and weather-resistant design make our auto level suitable for use in even the most demanding outdoor environments, we are the chief South Automatic Level Exporter in India. The compact and lightweight design of our South Automatic Level makes it highly portable and easy to transport, making it an essential tool for professionals who need to work in multiple locations.

Overall, our South Automatic Level is a reliable and accurate instrument that is built to withstand the demands of regular use in the field. Its advanced features, user-friendly design, and durable construction make our auto level a valuable tool for professionals in surveying, construction, and related fields.

Model NL20 NL24 NL28 NL32
Standard deviation for 1km double run leveling 2.5mm 2.0mm 1.5mm 1.0mm
Image Erect Erect Erect Erect
Magnification 20X 24X 28X 32X
Objective aperture 34mm 34mm 38mm 38mm
Field of view 1o20' 1o20' 1o20' 1o20'
Minimum focus 0.5m 0.5m 0.5m 0.5m
Multiplication constant 100 100 100 100
Additive constant 0 0 0 0
Compensator range +/-15' +/-15' +/-15' +/-15'
Compensator setting accuracy +/-0.6" +/-0.6" +/-0.6" +/-0.6"
Sensitivity of bubble 8'/2mm 8'/2mm 8'/2mm 8'/2mm
Horiz.circle-reading 1o or 1 gon 1o or 1 gon 1o or 1 gon 1o or 1 gon

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