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Our dumpy level is a type of surveying instrument used for levelling horizontal planes. It consists of a telescope mounted on a tripod and an adjustable spirit level. We design and manufacture this product as the best Dumpy Level Manufacturer in Uttarakhand. The telescope can be rotated horizontally, and its height can be adjusted using a levelling screw.

Dumpy levels from Jafri Survey Instruments is commonly used in construction, civil engineering, and surveying to determine elevations of points and to establish a level reference plane. The dumpy level works on the principle of the horizontal line of sight. The instrument is set up at a known height above a point and levelled using the spirit level.

Dumpy Level Suppliers in India

Overall, our dumpy level is a fundamental tool in the surveyor's arsenal, and it remains a key instrument in modern surveying and construction projects. The telescope of this instrument is pointed at the point of interest, and the height of the crosshair is read on a graduated staff held vertically at the point. The height can be calculated by subtracting the height of the instrument from the reading on the staff.

Apart from being a manufacturer and a supplier, Jafri Survey Instruments delivers equipment and tools as the chief Dumpy Level Exporter in India. We provide dumpy levels that are accurate and reliable, and they can be used for a wide range of applications. 

They are particularly useful for setting out buildings, roads, and other large construction projects, as well as for surveying land for topographic maps. This equipment is used in geodetic and astronomical measurements to establish reference points and to determine the position of celestial bodies.

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