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The Surveyor uses a level to determine elevations. Levels fall into three broad categories: a "dumpy" level, a "Wye" (or 'Y') level, and "automatic" level. As with all tools of the Surveyor, there are various degrees of accuracy within each category of level.

A "dumpy" level has a telescope with cross hairs permanently mounted in a pair of arms. The Dumpy Levels that are manufactured at our factory have high quality optics. Our instruments can simplify the most complicated survey work. This lightweight Dumpy Level device is compact and sturdy, intended for use in rugged field conditions. The Dumpy Level is not only easy to carry, but also shock resistant and moisture proof. Our Dumpy Level is designed for precision and reliable working in all types of surveying environment. This Dumpy Level is supplied in a sturdy box, along with a lightweight aluminum folding stand. This Dumpy Level Unit is packed in a waterproof cover. This precision engineered Dumpy Level is also customized as per the specifications given by the clients.


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