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Tangent Clinometers

Tangent Clinometers Manufacturers

Our tangent clinometer is a precision instrument used to measure angles of slope, inclination or elevation. It is a versatile device that finds applications in several fields like geology, surveying, and engineering, Jafri Survey Instruments design and manufacture this product as the best Tangent Clinometer Manufacturer in Uttarakhand. The device measures angles by calculating the tangent of the angle and is often used in the field to determine the slope of a hill, the height of a building or to measure the angle of a slope for road construction.

Our clinometer consists of a sighting tube and a graduated scale. The sighting tube is mounted on a base plate, which can be rotated around an axis perpendicular to the tube. 

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Tangent Clinometer Suppliers in India

The graduated scale is attached to the base and can be rotated around the same axis as the tube. The device is operated by first sighting a target object with the sighting tube and then reading the angle of inclination or elevation from the graduated scale. Apart from being a manufacturer and a supplier, we deliver our equipment and tools as the chief Tangent Clinometer Exporter in India.

Our Tangent clinometers come in different sizes and accuracy levels depending on their application. They are widely used by geologists and surveyors to map out terrain features, slope stability, and geological structures. Equipment from Jafri Survey Instruments are used by engineers to assess the stability of slopes and the safety of structures. The device's portability and accuracy make it an essential tool for fieldwork where high precision is required.

Suunto PM 5 Clinometer

Suunto PM 5 Clinometer
Our Suunto PM 5 Clinometer is a highly precise and reliable tool designed for professionals in the forestry, mining, and surveying industries. We design and manufacture this product as the best Suunto PM 5 Clinometer Manufacturer in Uttarakhand is used to measure angles of slope, elevation, and inclination with an accuracy of up to 0.5 degrees. Jafri Survey Instruments provides ClinoMaster that can measure the height, angle and scope of almost anything readable from 0-90° and 0-150°, with estimations to 0.25°. The device is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use in the field. Suunto PM-5 height meters are instruments for measuring the heights, especially the height of trees, with great accuracy and speed.

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